GT Entrepreneurs Announces Second Search Fund Acquisition

GT Entrepreneurs Announces Second Search Fund Acquisition

Pittsburgh, PA July 6, 2018. GT Entrepreneurs ("GTE") is thrilled to announce the closing of their second deal. Brenden Van Buren, a GTE Operator-in-Residence, has completed the final paperwork to acquire Pro Max Fence Systems, Inc., a Reading, PA based commercial fencing company. The majority of Pro Max’s work is for commercial and public fence and gate projects. Pro Max also produces sales to the residential and over-the-counter wholesale customers. Brenden will be moving to Reading and assuming the role of President with the support of the previous owner, Russ Curtier, who plans to consult for the business temporarily. The newly formed Pro Max Fence Systems, LLC has hired all existing employees and plans to provide the same great service and products.

The transition into the fencing industry will go smoothly as Brenden has an extensive background in the heavy highway and commercial construction industry. It was here that he progressed from a laborer to project manager. After his time in the construction industry, Brenden pursued his MBA at Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School of Business. He looks forward to working with the current management and employees to strengthen and grow the business.

GTE Guest Speaker Series: Ron Dibiase

On Tuesday, June 26, GTE was grateful to have Ron DiBiase come into the office and talk about his experience with commercial banking. Ron is very familiar with the GTE team and the work that they do as he was the one who provided senior financing for a deal that was recently closed.

Ron began his career after receiving his bachelor’s degree from Seton Hill University in Mathematics and Accounting. His first job was as a Credit Analyst for First Commonwealth Bank and currently he serves as a Vice President Corporate Banker at First Commonwealth. While speaking about his experience, he covered and explained many topics that gave insight to the type of work he has been exposed to.  These varied from syndication, managing his own portfolio, financial covenants, mezzanine debt, and what it is like to serve middle market businesses.

Ron answered a wide array of questions that the interns asked regarding topics such as working at a smaller bank vs larger bank similar, certain financial metrics and measurements related to his work, and his own opinion and experience with the work life balance within the industry. Thanks, Ron!


GTE Helps Build Homes for Pittsburgh Families

On Friday June 15th, GTE went out of the office and into local neighborhoods along with Pittsburgh’s Open Hand Ministries.  In an effort to help low-income families become financially stable through homeownership, Open Hand Ministries rehabilitates vacant properties drawing upon donations, local contractors, and volunteer work.

GTE provided a long day of hauling, digging, demolition, and repurposing of materials—the difficult yet rewarding effort needed to jump start the wellbeing of many of these families.  With a bit of sweat and a lot of bonding, GTE is proud to make a lasting difference in its community while fostering teamwork among its ranks.

Not only did we have a great time, but we got a chance to learn new construction techniques and home rebuilding strategies, such as when to repurpose a chimney to maximize both space and heating efficiency.  Take a look at some of our pictures from Friday and see the GTE team at work!

GT Entrepreneurs Guest Speaker Series: Bobby Petrini

On Thursday, June 14, GTE was fortunate enough to host our third guest speaker, Bobby Petrini, a consultant at Deloitte. Bobby is a graduate of Tepper School of Business, preceding Brenden and Gabe, our Operators-in-Residence, by two years. He came to GTE to speak about his background in consulting and gave the interns a taste of his work experiences.

A University of Maryland graduate and son of a small business acquirer, Bobby was drawn to business operations, soon joining Deloitte’s consulting division out of undergrad. He quickly acclimated to the job, explaining to the interns some of the projects he worked on. Being careful not to disclose any specific names or details, Bobby walked through his duties in the manufacturing and consumer product space. He spent four years at Deloitte before pursuing his masters degree at Tepper. During his MBA studies, Bobby spent time at both EQT and Oakhill Capital, exploring acquisitions and private equity. After finishing his time at CMU, Bobby returned to Deloitte and continued consulting.

The interns did not hesitate to ask about Bobby’s experiences and his path to a career in consulting. He explained the culture of a large firm and the projects across the world he has worked on. Bobby brought with him a new career perspective and valuable insight for upcoming interviews. Thanks Bobby!



GTE Resume and Interview Workshop

On Wednesday afternoon 6th June, the GTE office paused its daily activities and turned to listen to Gabriel Chick tell us about building engaging resumes and giving impressive interviews. Gabe is one of our Operators-In-Residence (OIRs), and carries MBA experience from CMU Tepper School of Business and spent several years in the military.

 He led the workshop discussing the basics of how to build a resume in the Tepper School format, and pointed out some common oversights. He highlighted key factors like tailoring the resume for a good fit, and paying attention to the “additional information" section. He also talked about giving good interviews- what to highlight and what to avoid. He mainly discussed the importance of having a good fundamental understanding of technical concepts and having interesting questions ready for the recruiters. 

All in all, it was a valuable workshop for the interns as many are juniors and seniors in college ready to venture into the job market. The interns had several questions pertaining to listing skills in the resume, answering technical questions, brain teasers, and many others. The interns appreciate these events, talks and workshops that GTE organizes for them because it helps them grow soft skills, and gets them motivated about the field. Thank you Gabe!

gte resume pic.png


GT Entrepreneurs announces Summer 2018 Semester Private Equity Analysts

Pittsburgh, PA June 6, 2018. GT Entrepreneurs (“GTE”), is pleased to announce that eighteen Private Equity Analyst spots were filled through a rigorous search of the top MBA and Bachelor's programs in the country. GTE used a meticulous process to assess the roughly five hundred applicants and select the best eighteen candidates.

The analysts began their work in May of 2018 and have been identifying potential acquisition targets and presenting preliminary proposals to their teams. The three teams were drafted by each of the Operators-In-Residence (“OIR”). Each team has six analysts on one of three sub-groups, depending on their concentration and experience. These teams conduct company valuations through financial modeling and analysis with the mentorship of their OIRs, and gain experience working on company development teams.

This is the fourth search team for GTE. This summer intern class has a wide range of people hailing from six different US states, along with people from China, Vietnam and Tanzania. This incoming class boasts people of different ethnicities with many different talents, some being proficient in Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Swahili. GTE looks forward to having the analysts learn to create individual and professional goals while evaluating deals, generating leads, building their network of professional contacts and formulating initiatives to move GTE forward. To learn more about the GTE team read our blog, and visit our website!


GT Entrepreneurs Guest Speaker Series: Drew Morris (Venture Capital)

On Friday, May 31st, GT Entrepreneurs warmly welcomed Drew Morris. Drew is a classmate and friend of Brenden Van Buren, who came to speak to interns and provide insight on the venture capital industry, startups, and the VC company he currently works for, LifeX.  

Before working at LifeX, Drew worked at General Electric in the transportation department where he explored aspects of sensors and controls with locomotives. He was at the company while the Nox scandal occurred at Volkswagen and was tasked with ensuring that GE did not produce the same mistakes in recording emissions. After his success on the project, Drew went on to pursue his Master of Business Administration at the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University in order to educate himself on both the technical and operational sides of a company. While at Tepper, he took an internship at Bluetree Allied Angels where he started performing due-diligence, and then eventually became an executive director. Later, he was approached by friends and was brought on as a partner at LifeX Capital.

Interns at GTE had the opportunity to ask Drew about all aspects of his job. The questions ranged from topics regarding the Nox scandal to how one would valuate companies that currently have no sales. All questions answered were accompanied with stories or experiences that Drew had faced while in the industry. For those interns who are looking to enter venture capital, Drew shed light on a wide range of challenges and rewards about the industry. Thanks, Drew!

Drew Morris



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