The following is a growing list of commonly asked questions that we oftentimes get from interested parties, which we'll add to over time.


Are you actively doing investments?

Yes, GT Entrepreneurs is actively seeking to partner with traditional searchers who are looking to or currently raising a search fund. We also provide gap capital investments to traditional searchers and self-funded searchers who are seeking additional capital for an acquisition. We'd love to talk with you should any of these scenarios match your description.

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What is the typical investment amount?

We like to think we're fairly flexible when it comes to total investment amount for our potential search partners. We are ideally looking to purchase a total of 1 or 2 units in most situations. This equates to roughly a 6%–16% equity stake assuming an average search fund raise of $480,000 with an average number of 12–16 units being sold. That being said, we are more than comfortable (and happy!) to buy smaller or larger amounts, as well.


I'd like to learn more. How can I get in touch?

By simply reaching out via phone or email! We're more than happy to setup a meeting to discuss your intention to search and how GTE can fit into that equation. With a passion for ETA and the hope for all aspired CEOs to be successful, our team enjoys talking with and mentoring people in all phases of their search journey.

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