Search guidance, expertise, and capital to help you succeed in your entrepreneurship through acquisition (ETA) journey

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About GTE

Founded in 2017, GT Entrepreneurs (GTE) is a private investment firm that leverages its vast search fund and executive-level expertise to help procure highly favorable outcomes for today's most talented aspiring CEOs. We have the unique benefit in that not only have our founders experienced tremendous success with their own individual searches, but we also ran a successful accelerator for five years. This really enabled us to refine and hone in on the successful systems and processes needed to succeed across the entire entrepreneurship through acquisition (ETA) journey and helps us stand out as true value add partners for your search.

GTE is now completely dedicated to partnering with traditional searchers during their initial capital raise, and we also provide gap investment capital to both traditional and self-funded searchers alike.

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The Search Process



You begin your journey by spending 2–6 months raising a fund from trusted partners to pay for your search. Utilize GTE's capital and vast experience to bolster your investor bullpen.



You now have 12–24 months to find and acquire a business. Good thing we ran a search fund accelerator for 5 years. Leverage GTE's know-how to execute a successful search.



You've found a company and have ~6 months to close the deal. We've been down this road many times before and can advise on piecing together all the intricacies of closing the deal.



You're the new CEO and you're ready to run your company for the next 4–7+ years. Tap into GTE's deep executive-level experience to help you grow and manage your new business.



4–7+ years have passed and you're now ready to sell and move on to the next big thing. GTE will be right there with you to answer any questions regarding the best exit strategy.

Key figures

We've accomplished a lot since our initial founding in 2017. And the best part is we're only getting started.




Invested capital




Years of experience

Qualities we look for in our partners

The following is a non-exhaustive list of factors we consider when evaluating potential partners. While each of these attributes is important, they are not necessarily 100% required. We evaluate each of our potential partners holistically since successful searchers come from many different backgrounds.

Top MBA Program Graduates

We seek individuals who have proven themselves to be both bright and capable by getting into top programs.

~5+ Years Management Experience

We look for proven business leaders who have the work history and management experience to back it up.

Gritty Entrepreneurs & Aspiring CEOs

It's easy to spot an entrepreneur from miles away. It just is. We seek individuals that carry this unwavering spirit.

Our Team

GT Entrepreneur's team has over 100+ years of combined executive-level and management experience for you to leverage on your search.

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