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Partnership Snapshot

Selecting the right mix of investor partners is arguably the most critical early-stage decision that traditional searchers have to make. Not only do we have team members who have successfully conducted their own searches, but we also ran a search accelerator for five years. It goes without saying that we know search very well and we're ready to step in and provide value at any stage within the search cycle.


Raising a traditional search fund and looking for qualified investors to provide "smart" capital? GTE provides the funding and know-how to get you started down the right path with your search.


Not sure where to start searching for acquisition opportunities?  Leverage the systems and processes that we developed while running a search accelerator for five years.


Need a second opinion on a potential deal you're eyeing up? We've looked into countless deals over the years and would be more than happy to lend a hand at this stage.

Operate & Grow

Feeling stuck with certain operational issues or looking for new growth opportunities? Tap into our team's 100+ years of combined executive and management-level experience to help right the ship.

Investment Criteria


Our advisory capabilities are admittedly best within "old economy" businesses, but we are still open to other industries.

Of Cap Table

We look to buy ~12%–16% of the cap table from the typical traditional search fund according to the recent Stanford primer.

United States-based Businesses

We are currently only looking to back searchers who plan to buy and run businesses in the United States.


From a size standpoint, we're typically interested in businesses that fall within the $1M to $5M EBITDA range.

2x–5x EBITDA multiples (ideally no more than 6x)

The multiple being paid is dependent on a wide range of factors, but we expect to pay 3–5x in most instances (and 6x at most)

Searcher Criteria


Our search partners should have 4 years minimum of management experience and leading people and teams.


Although not required, graduating from a top MBA program is typically a great indicator of success for aspiring CEOs.

Grit & Spirit

Being a business owner is not for the faint of heart. That's why we look for searchers who exhibit both passion and grit.


We look to partner with traditional searchers and participate in their initial raise to fund their search.

Gap Capital

If the need arises, we also provide gap capital to both traditional and self-funded searchers alike.

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