Endurion Capital

Tommy Högström's and Marcus Jörgensen's search fund capital setup to find and acquire one small enduringly profitable business.

Endurion Capital
Traditional Search Entity

About the company

We aim to buy, nurture and grow an exceptional software or software-enabled business

Backed by 20+ tech investors, we are two former tech-founders and leaders at Spotify, McKinsey and P&G seeking to acquire a single tech business with great opportunities. For those who want their company to continue flourishing and evolving under new ownership, Endurion Capital might be for you!

Having built companies and products from 0 to 1, we understand the significance of selling your tech business. At Endurion Capital, we honor your groundwork and aim to expand upon your accomplishments.

Unlike other investors, we acquire for the long term and step in as CEOs, ensuring your vision thrives! We will nurture and grow your customers, employees, and legacy with the same dedication and care you've done through the years. To us, buying your business is more than just a transaction; it’s about continuing your passion and hard work, pushing it to new heights.