Bazaar Ventures

Julia Chinakaeva's and Sharf Zafar's search fund capital setup to find and acquire one small enduringly profitable business.

Bazaar Ventures

About the company

Entrepreneurship is deeply rooted in our identity. We come from families of entrepreneurs and have witnessed firsthand our fathers' ambitious dreams and risk-taking journeys. Our fathers played integral roles in building their companies from the ground up, exposing us from an early age to the challenges and rewards of creating a successful company.

We recognize the significance of your entrepreneurial journey, and our mission is to honor and carry forward the remarkable legacy you have created.

Our fund is looking to acquire and operate one unique business in the US or Canada, so if you are a successful business owner who is looking to retire and:

  • pursue your life goals, be it a family quality time or a new passion
  • reduce your level of involvement in the business you've built
  • build a succession plan for the continuity of your legacy
  • ensure the financial security of the next generation

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