Resources for Individuals Pursuing Entrepreneurship-Through-Acquisition

7 resources entrepreneurs should take advantage of to improve knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship through acquisition (EtA)

Resources for Individuals Pursuing Entrepreneurship-Through-Acquisition
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GTE Staff Writer
Article Date
August 22, 2022
  1. Stanford Search Primer

This is essentially the sacred text for EtA; a complete guide and runthrough of the entire search process. 


Searchfunder is a great platform where investors, searchers, and even firms can connect and discuss possible acquisitions and form business relationships. 

  1. IBISWorld

At the beginning of the search, it is important to find an industry that is right for you. IBISWorld provides detailed information and projections about specific industries.

  1. An Investor’s Guide to Search Funds by Shamus Hines and Stephen G. Morrissette

Even if you are not an investor, this is an important read because it touches upon qualities needed to attract investors as a searcher. 

  1. Jim Stein Sharpe’s Blog

Jim is experienced in the search field. If there is some sort of topic you thought of related to EtA, he has probably written about it. 

  1. EtA Podcast

Podcasts are great to throw on while driving or doing other tasks around the house. This is a great listen with experienced guests to further your knowledge.

  1. Paul Thomson Search Fund Manifesto

This is very specific, going step by step on deals Paul has made so that you can better understand how these methods in search are used in the real world.