Past Employee Spotlight - Khaled Abdelatey

Meet Khaled Abdelatey, a past GTE intern.

Past Employee Spotlight - Khaled Abdelatey
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GTE Staff Writer
Article Date
August 22, 2022

Name: Khaled Abdelatey

Major/Year: Finance - 2022 Graduate

Internship Cohort: 

Current Job/Internship: Analyst at M3 Capital Partners

Khaled Abdelatey has one of the longest tenures as an intern at GT entrepreneurs. He first started in the spring of 2021 and stayed for a year taking on more roles and responsibilities. He is a graduate from the University of Pittsburgh and currently is an analyst at M3 Capital Partners, a real estate private equity firm in Chicago. 

Q: Since you spent a good deal of time at GTE, could you talk about how your roles evolved over time?

“It felt great to take more responsibility so quickly at GTE. I really enjoyed the intern position and search in general which prompted me to stay involved with the company. Because I was working more directly with some of the main members of the GTE team, I got to learn more about the negotiation process which was something I wasn’t familiar with at first. I actually even got to be a part of a very targeted search opportunity.”

Q. What would you tell future GTE interns to get the most out of the program?

“You’re only going to get out what you put in. If you take it easy, then you can maybe get by, but you leave with no knowledge. Make an effort to learn. GTE has so many resources with guest speakers, educational meetings, and much more. Really try to take advantage of the experience rather than just using it as a resume placeholder.”

Q. How has GTE prepared you for your professional career?

“It has helped tremendously. On top of all the technical financial knowledge, I also was able to develop soft skills. Being able to talk to people and be personable is just as important as any type of work on the financial side. With many meetings and calls, I definitely was working on these skills even if I didn't realize it at the time. GTE also has a great network in their industry and some of those connections will go a long way. I’m currently in the field of private equity and I attribute some of that interest to GTE.”