Past Employee Spotlight - Camerone Giancaterino

Meet Camerone Giancaterino, a past GTE intern.

Past Employee Spotlight - Camerone Giancaterino
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GTE Staff Writer
Article Date
August 22, 2022

Name: Camerone Giancaterino

Major/Year: Finance & Marketing - 2023 Graduate

Internship Cohort: Spring 2022

Current Job/Internship: SEO Content Intern, Root & Branch

Camerone Giancaterino is a senior at the University of Pittsburgh’s College of Business Administration pursuing degrees in finance and marketing with an economics minor. This past summer, Camerone has been working with Root & Branch, a digital marketing and analytics firm, as an SEO Content Intern. Upon graduation, Camerone hopes to work in marketing with a startup company.

Q: How did you first hear about GTE and why did you feel compelled to apply for a role with the company?

“I first heard about the firm when they came to speak at Pitt’s Venture Capital Club. Throughout the presentation, I was wowed by the concept of search funds, since I had not heard about them previously. I kept thinking to myself, ‘these guys are doing something different’, and once the presentation was over I knew I needed to introduce myself so I could learn more, and oddly enough, they had internship opportunities available.”

Q: How would you describe GTE’s culture and how large of a role do you think culture plays in working for a firm?

“I would say culture has a huge impact on the success of any firm. I believe successful businesses start from the top management, specifically how they encourage and motivate their employees, and that leads to creating good products and services that satisfy customers. GTE has exemplified these characteristics since my first day of work by setting expectations of maintaining an inclusive and collaborative environment. It is obvious that the success in finding businesses and gaining trust from searchers is parallel to their ideals as a firm.”