3 Reasons Why Investors Are Increasingly Betting On The Search Fund Industry

See why many consistent investors are taking a chance on search funds.

3 Reasons Why Investors Are Increasingly Betting On The Search Fund Industry
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GTE Staff Writer
Article Date
August 22, 2022

1. Search funds offer a unique value proposition. 

Search funds invest in small and medium-sized businesses, which are often overlooked by traditional private equity firms. These businesses usually have strong growth potential but lack the scale or track record to attract large investors. As a result, searchers are able to identify these hidden gems and unlock value for their investors.

2. Investors are drawn to search funds for the attractive risk-reward profile. 

While search funds do come with a higher degree of risk than traditional investments, they also offer the potential for much higher returns. This is especially true in today's low interest rate environment, where other asset classes such as bonds offer little in the way of upside potential.

3. Investors are also attracted to the searcher's unique skill set. 

Searchers are a rare breed of entrepreneurs who have the drive and determination to build successful businesses from scratch. This is a skill set that cannot be taught, and it is this quality that gives searchers an edge in finding and growing great companies. 

Search funds offer a unique value proposition, attractive risk-reward profile, and the skills of experienced entrepreneurs. With returns like these, it's no wonder that the search fund industry is attracting more and more attention from investors.