Generational Transfer Entrepreneurs (GTE) is a private investment firm that works with a group of entrepreneurial operators (Operators-in-Residence) that are looking to individually acquire, operate and grow a privately held business. GTE provides business owners with a unique transition opportunity with the entrepreneurs at GTE ready to step into the ownership role with the goal of nurturing and creating long-term value for the company. 


Our mission is for each of the Operators-in-Residence to acquire a great business and continue its legacy, nurture the existing employees, and create value through growth. GTE will foster the growth of business leaders and ensure successful transitions with the help of seasoned management professionals, advisers and deal specialists. 


Our entrepreneurs are some of the best of the next generation of business leaders ready to take an active role as management in the acquisitions. They are ready to operate a business and have unique backgrounds with roles such as military officers and operators and executives at privately held businesses. Operators-in-Residence (OIRs) understand the importance of preserving a business’s legacy and are eager to successfully transition a company into the future.

Generational Transfer Entrepreneurs creates a platform for success

  • Mentorship to the OIRs during all phases of process
  • Due-Diligence assistance to ensure a fair arangement for all parties
  • Work with our investment partners and financiers to close the transaction
  • Executive Training for OIRs to ready the next generation of business leaders
  • Guidance and strategy oversite to ensure the success of the company
  • Board member assistance

Our Team consists of former and current executives, accounting professionals, and transaction specialists. 

Each generation goes further than the generation preceding it because it stands on the shoulders of that generation.
— Ronald Reagan