Mission Statement

GT Entrepreneurs (GTE) is a private investment firm that works with a group of entrepreneurial Operators-in-Residence (OIR) looking to individually acquire, operate, and grow privately held businesses. GTE offers business owners a unique transition opportunity.  Our entrepreneurs are ready to step into the ownership role and create long-term value for the company, while preserving the legacy that has been built.


At the core of GT Entrepreneurs, Operators-in-Residence begin the search process by seeking companies that suit their expertise and criteria for operations. These OIR’s are recruited from top MBA programs and have years of experience in a wide range of industries. Once the OIR's find and acquire a company they feel passionate about, they are no longer in residence at GT Entrepreneurs. This departure leads way to a new searcher entering their position and starting the search process.

Management & advisors

GTE benefits from principals and advisors with years of operating and management experience. We understand that each business situation has its own unique requirements and opportunities, and believe that having experienced managerial support for the OIRs is important to achieving success, while minimizing risk exposure.

GTE Search Model

GTE's search thesis revolves around the notion that the network built by Operators in Residence during the search process is an extremely valuable tool for both business owners and investors.  As such, Operators maintain and draw upon these connections while running their newly acquired businesses.  Thus, we are constantly building our search network, and we continually add skilled entrepreneurs to our team, ensuring that our deals and our companies only improve with time.

GTE Structure chart.JPG
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