Quick Guide to Finance Career Opportunities

Corporate finance is an intricate place with a great variety of job opportunities. At GTE, many of our employees will soon be entering the workforce. One of the main dilemmas they will face is whether to enter the coveted investment banking field or join the dynamic private equity industry. Both these career paths hold exciting opportunities, each presenting their own unique dynamics.

These two industries are core components to the global financial system. In investment banking, large firms assume the role of financial advisor for their clients. They offer solutions with challenging tasks such as mergers and acquisitions, portfolio management, and security underwriting. Investment bankers are involved with the task of constructing heavily detailed financial models. These processes are stressful endeavors that require the devotion of a large amount of time to be spent on the completion of tedious projects for clients. In contrast, private equity is a line of business that looks to pool capital from wealthy investors and deploy it within the management of other entities. The analysts who work in private equity enjoy the presence of a more relaxed workplace environment. They formulate a series of financial models that look to confirm a particular investment thesis around a leveraged buyout structure. Despite a collection of differences, both of these positions hold a collection of dynamic features that make their roles so interesting.

The popular job opportunities in the I.B. and P.E. space will confront some of the folks at GTE in the near future. They will have to decide which specific field of finance they would like to delve into. With some people holding certain preferences over their potential careers, there is no right or wrong decision, a bright future lies ahead for the people involved with GT Entrepreneurs.

For more information on these two financial sectors, read the following article from Wall Street Prep:

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