COMMITMENT to the Future success of the business

Each entrepreneur working with GTE is looking forward to taking a direct ownership and management role in a single business. The operator-in-residence is excited about preserving the legacy of the company as it grows into the future. Our team understands the importance of nurturing the company's employees and is ready to invest in the company and its resources. 

complete the transaction

After pushing through the ups and downs involved in building a successful business, deciding to transition and/or create liquidity from the fruits of hard labor can be an emotional experience for a business owner. In this process, GTE understands the importance of confidentiality and creating a smooth process to transition. To ensure the transaction stays under the radar our entrepreneurs work with our investment partners, who include former and current business owners, entrepreneurs, and investors to ensure the deal is quickly and fully financed.

Mutually beneficial Negotiations

The best way to complete a effective transaction is to create an honest and fair environment. By doing so all parties involved can find the best win-win and flexible solutions. As a result the legacy of the business can last in the future. 

Flexible Structure

Every seller has different objectives as her or she transition the years of hard work in his or her business. As a result each entrepreneur works with the business owner to create the most advantageous deal in terms of liquidity requirements, tax planning benefits, and/or potential long run upside.