GTE Guest Speaker: Amanda Gerstnecker

On June 14th, GTE held a lunch event with Amanda Gerstnecker where she shared her experiences about developing a successful legal career in the world of business. After receiving her law degree from the University of Pittsburgh, she worked as a Corporate Attorney at Meyers, Unkov & Scott LLP for five years and left to go to Cohen & Grigsby.

Amanda shared her experiences and emphasized the importance of building strong relationships with both clients and co-workers. She also explained the importance of finding a mentor in any industry in which one works, as it provides young employees with valuable knowledge and support that they might otherwise miss out on. A mentor can provide the encouragement needed to stand up for yourself in the workplace, as Amanda highlighted the necessity of asking for what you want and working with the team in charge before giving up. She described the relationship with a mentor as one that grows in tandem with one’s professional career, which would be a valuable asset that benefits one’s career for the long-term.

Besides mentoring, she also pointed out the importance of building relationships with others. Amanda revealed to the GTE team the need to forge strong relationships with the people who make up the workplace. During many of her legal transactions, Amanda discovered the importance of developing a sense of awareness between the different parties. Amanda believed the act of efficient communication was crucial to completing many of her works, and it is a skill that she believes is vital in any job. Through connectivity and understanding, Amanda demonstrated how a close-knit relationship with others can become a catalyst for growth in the business landscape. While being able to communicate in an efficient and succinct manner that anybody can understand is important in any industry, Amanda believes that attention to detail is particularly important to be a successful lawyer. She has worked on large deals and was able to negotiate the specifics of such a large transaction is what she says made the acquisition pass smoothly.

Another important item Amanda shared with us was about the importance of creating a quality work-life balance. She talked about her experiences in balancing the responsibilities of being a corporate attorney and a full-time parent. This struggle of her’s showed the need to find a harmonious relationship between the demands of life and work. One way she suggested tackling this issue is to identify both short-term and long-term goals for yourself. Amanda explained that at the beginning of each year she pinpoints what she wants to accomplish over the coming months and the next few years. While this is a relatively quick and simple task, it allows you to remain focused through what may seem like chaos. Whether writing a twenty-page report for a potential merger or raising a young toddler, Amanda wanted to highlight the need to accomplish things in an efficient and flexible manner. She showed that the development of these important tendencies would lead to rewarding results. Her willingness to transform and sacrifice for others has allowed her to strike an ideal balance between life and work.

We appreciate Amanda taking time out of her busy schedule to come to speak with the team at GTE.

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