GTE Event: Resume Review

Earlier this month, GTE held a resume review event for all undergrad interns. The event was lead by the Search Manager, Bobby Septak and by Operator-in-Residence Dave Jasnos. Both went through different approaches to how a resume can be organized, as well as giving advice about what the content of a resume should be. Dave introduced the interns to how the Carnegie Mellon Tepper MBA program teaches its students to lay out their resumes. This includes a more direct approach to displaying the skills you want the employer to know you possess and focuses on the STAR method to communicate what skills you possess . Bobby talked about the content of your resume and how to manipulate it to work in your favor. This could be through wording are including eye-catching numbers that pique the reader’s interest.

After the presentations, both Bobby and Dave were available to meet individually to speak about how to apply the concepts on your own resume and how to best display your skills and what you want it to say. In those meetings, we talked about how the resume would be used. This included what kind of job it would be submitted for and how to use it in an interview. They talked about prioritizing certain experiences that are relevant to the job that you are applying for and reorganizing the resume so that those experiences are highlighted or at the top. They also shared advice about how employers may use the resume in interviews and how you can effectively answer those questions and steer your answers towards the topics you want to speak about and not just the ones that they ask about.

The interns highly appreciate Bobby and Dave for taking their time away from their primary responsibilities to share their knowledge on this crucial topic and skill that is writing a good resume. Furthermore, all of the GTE staff - Bobby, Dave, Gabe, and Phil - have expressed their willingness to review resumes and talk about interviews at any time as well so that anyone can get as many perspectives as possible on their resume.

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